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The Massachusetts Podiatric Medical Society (MPMS) Community Service Foundation, a tax-exempt 501(c)3 charitable foundation, is now fully operational and working on a number of exciting public health related projects. It serves as the charitable arm of MPMS focusing on foot and ankle related public health and education. The foundation aims to expand community podiatric health services and support educational projects largely through volunteer involvement, donations and grant funding. It also serves as the grantor institution for MPMS members' (and others) research and educational grants, offering a low overhead fiscal intermediary, and the good name of the MPMS. Our primary goal is to improve the podiatric health and welfare for people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For information or to discuss project ideas contact Gary Adams, executive director of MPMS, at 978-646-9671 or e-mail or

Our Mission and Work

Our MPMS CSF mission is to advance the foot health of the people of Massachusetts by expanding community health services, improving access to podiatric health care services and conducting educational projects that strive to improve podiatric and public health.

The MPMS Community Service Foundation (a charitable 501 (c)(3) organization) serves to collaborate with other community health organizations on projects such as our Amputation Prevention Initiative with the Massachusetts Public Health Association and our Diabetes Education Program with member organizations in eye care, dental care and pharmacy. Future projects including work on fall prevention in the elderly, childhood obesity prevention, smoking cessation, childhood sports injury prevention, osteoporosis screening, diabetic foot health education, screening and awareness of peripheral arterial disease and much more.

In the physician professional and educational programs arena, planned projects include use of health information technology in improving patient care, application of evidence based medicine to podiatric practice and workshops to assist member podiatric physicians and surgeons in applying for research and education grants. Our Current Projects

Amputation Prevention Initiative:

The MPMS CSF received a grant from the American Podiatric Medical Association for the development of a joint project with the Massachusetts Public Health Association in a research study on Amputation Prevention for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This exciting project was also presented at the American Public Health Association national convention in Philadelphia in November of 2009. The first phase of this project, which served as a research project for MPH students at the Harvard School of Public Health, involved researching lower extremity amputation rates in the Commonwealth as well as proven mechanisms for preventing foot ulcers, the precursor to a lower extremity amputation. The second phase included developing an instrument that defines a proper foot exam and that can be used by primary care providers in evaluating those at greatest risk for suffering lower extremity amputations. A screening tool to accomplish this initiative has been field tested with primary care practitioners and now we are bringing these findings and recommendations to the proper stakeholders in both government and the health insurance industry to secure funding and take the next steps toward implementation of a meaningful, ongoing amputation prevention program for our diabetic and pre-diabetic patients.

Diabetes Education Program:

The MPMS CSF has been instrumental in its work to address the problems of diabetes and its many complications by bringing together various health care providers who are members of Massachusetts health organizations in dental care, pharmacy, foot care and vision care. The Massachusetts Podiatric Medical Society has joined forces with the Massachusetts Dental Society, Massachusetts Pharmacy Association and the Massachusetts Society of Optometrists. We have developed a working group of member health providers who will develop a comprehensive communications program aimed at educating the public and our members regarding the important role that each of these specialties plays in diabetes management. We have created a special panel presentation including doctors from all four specialties that will do a special two-hour panel presentation at the 2010 Massachusetts Dental Congress in Boston on Saturday, January 30th aimed at improving understanding of what each specialty does in the diabetes management team and when patients should be referred to each of the specialties. This presentation will then be used at other conferences sponsored by the four participating associations including our 2010 APMA Region One Conference.


We invite you to become a supporter of the MPMS Community Service Foundation. All donors will be acknowledged in our publications, brochures and on the website; please let us know if you would prefer to remain anonymous.

Donations may be made at four levels and are fully tax deductible:

President's Circle: $5000 or more
Officer's Circle: $1,000 to $4,999
Director's Circle: $100 to $999
Member's Circle: $99 or less

If you would like to make a contribution, please contact Gary Adams at 978-646-9671 or mail your donation to:

MPMS Community Service Foundation
10 Maple Street, Suite 301
Middleton MA 01949

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